Who We Are

Bowhunters United is a national organization that strives to make a difference for current and future bowhunters. We exist to help members become bowhunting mentors, better advocates and ambassadors, and powerful conservationists and responsible public-land stewards.

You can take pride in knowing you’re doing your part to secure bowhunting’s long-standing traditions, and to make bowhunting accessible and enjoyable for all.

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What We Do

Because of your membership and donations, we can make a difference in the bowhunting community by:

  • Training community organizations, and providing equipment to mainstream bowhunting in local programming. 
  • Bridging the gap between recreational shooters and bowhunters through proven mentorship programs. 
  • Educating nonhunters on how the sport of bowhunting contributes to wildlife conservation and management. 
  • Providing archery range and program grants to increase bowhunter participation through more recreational shooting opportunities, and places for bowhunters to practice. 
  • Addressing hot-topic legislative issues that affect bowhunting, including hunting regulations; wildlife-disease research; public-access issues; federal excise-tax decisions; and recruitment, retention and reactivation efforts to ensure you can bowhunt safely nationwide.

Bowhunters United Member Benefits

Advocate on Your Behalf:

  • The Bowhunters United Action Alert System sends you prewritten messages on bowhunting-related issues so you can confidently contact your state representative to show your support for decisions and policies that affect bowhunting.

Access to Premier Bowhunting Tips, Research and Information:

  • Monthly Bowhunters United e-Newsletter
  • Stay up to date on news and happenings in the bowhunting community from trusted, well-known sources. 
  • Featured Bowhunting Content
  • Get bowhunting tips and how-to information from experts and industry influencers on Bowhunting360.com
  • Discounts on popular hunting and mapping apps for tablets and smartphones
  • Free Bowhunting Magazine Subscription – Members choose from a variety of publications

What You Get

  • A branded member gift
  • Official Bowhunters United membership card
  • A vinyl Bowhunters United logo decal for your vehicle
  • A Bowhunters United sticker for your cooler, bow case or hunting tote
  • Access to the Bowhunters United online store, which features bowhunting-themed merchandise, including hats, shirts and other items

*100% of all donations directly benefit the sport of bowhunting through grassroots initiatives and legislative work on behalf of our members. Donations are deductible as a charitable expense. 

Membership dues are not deductible as a charitable expense.

We appreciate you doing your part to secure bowhunting’s long-standing traditions and make bowhunting accessible and enjoyable for all. Shoot Straight.